Impala - The Easy Clean Fabric

Imagine for a moment an elegant sofa, a classy couch or beautifully upholstered chairs in your home, office or work space that not only look and feel luxurious with a super soft velvety texture but are made from an easy and simple to clean fabric that resists most common everyday stains.

Imagine all you would need to do when those inevitable spills and splashes occur is take a clean damp cloth or moist wet wipe and gently rub the stain away without the need for exhaustive effort on your part. You would then leave it to dry for a few minutes and watch how your cherished piece of furniture quickly returns anew to looking it's very best as if the blemish was never there. The fabric's pile would appear once again fresh and full of it's original colour, bouncing back to it's characteristic vibrancy.

Well here's the very good news! You no longer have to dream about this scenario because we at Impala Fabrics have made it a reality by bringing you an innovative upholstery material that is both sophisticated and practical. Sit back and relax because it's time to say goodbye to the days of laborious scrubbing and washing!

Following extensive scientific research and development, we have created a world renown, unique high tech fabric that is designed for the consumer to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying their valuable possessions. With it's chic, modern look and it's wide range of colours, the Impala fabric can be diversely applied to both the domestic and contract markets. We are dedicated to giving you the all important peace of mind and assurance that your furniture will remain stain free and stand the test of time.

Whether you are a busy mum, a stylish architect or an imaginative restaurant owner, the Impala fabric's stain resistant, highly cleanable personality provides a simple and effective interior design solution to suit anyone's needs.