Impala - The Durable Fabric

How frustrating and upsetting can it be when the charming fabric covering your stunning new piece of furniture or a recently upholstered home furnishing becomes scuffed or grazed. What do you do when you realise that your hard earned treasured investment has just been permanently damaged forever? What are your options?

Well, you could chose to leave it and accept your fate or maybe bare the brunt of a potentially hefty cost and re-upholster it. Either way, your choices are neither ideal nor desirable. Simply put you would have preferred that it wouldn't have happened in the first place.

At Impala we have created the next best option. Whilst we can't prevent accidents from happening we can however assure you that our revolutionary fabric successfully combats heavy wear and tear. Without compromising its fashionable, smooth to the touch and attractive appearance we have made a product that we confidently proclaim as a super strength fabric.

The result of intense industry standard testing and scrutiny, the Impala fabric has earned a global reputation of being a tough, long lasting textile material that delivers ground breaking durability performance to its users in a wide range of applications. Adding to this it's straightforward cleaning process and affordable price tag, the Impala fabric is an ideal life choice for the modern family or business.